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In 1936, the City of New Haven began selling processed water to area residents. The City continued processing and selling water for 53 years. The plant eventually fell into disrepair over the years. Due to lack of funds for renovation and to avoid violations from the Division of Water for not meeting Safe Drinking Water Standards, the City considered an alternative water supply. In 1988 the very difficult decision was made to close the City Water Plant. A four mile water line was constructed to allow the city to purchase water from the City of Bardstown. The City currently has 2 water tanks, one on Prices Creek Loop, off of New Haven Road, which holds approximately 150,000 gallons of water and one on Indian Hills, commonly referred to as our “Downtown Tank”, which holds 209,000 gallons of water. From the two tanks, the water is distributed to our 600 water connections.

The New Haven Board of Commissioners made the tough decision to sale the water system to Larue County Water District #1 in December 2022.

​In 1973, the City constructed a sewer treatment plant. The plant consists of a primary and a secondary lagoon, which is referred to as a “Self Contained Package Treatment Plant”. The plant receives all flows through our 3 pump stations. First, the sewage is pumped to the upper lagoon (5 acres) where it is treated by nature, allowing the solids to settle. After that, it flows into the lower lagoon (4.5 acres) where it is treated naturally by sunlight and bacteria. When enough time has elapsed, it is released into the contact chamber where it is treated with chlorine to kill any remaining bacteria. Next, using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, the liquid is treated with sulfur dioxide to remove any remaining chlorine and then the liquid (water) is released back into the environment (Davis Creek Run). All of the activities described are strictly regulated by the Division of Water and Wastewater Standards. The City spends approximately $2500 each month testing the lagoon samples to ensure that the standards are met.


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Declaration of Domicile for Purchase of Residential Utilities will be effective January 1, 2023. The Kentucky Department of Revenue has issued a FAQs (frequently asked questions) page on their website. Links below allow you to submit the proper documentation online.

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