Rolling Fork Volunteer Fire Department

Serving Southern Nelson County & Northern Larue County with a Class 6/9 Insurance Rate.
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

Frank Hall - Fire Chief/Instructor
Larry Thompson - 1st Asst. Chief/Instructor
Karl Lusk - Captain/Chaplain/Instructor
Ricky DeWitt - Safety Officer/Instructor
Fred DeWitt - Firefighter/Instructor
Frank Thompson - Captain
Ronnie Greenwell - Lieutenant
Butch Henley - Lieutenant
Jerry Cecil - Sergeant
Tommy Henley - Sergeant
Terry Harris - Safety Officer
Justin Thompson - Safety Officer
Paul DeWitt - Firefighter
Sherry Cecil - Firefighter
W. Fred DeWitt - Firefighter
Dean Johnson - Firefighter
Pat DeWitt - Firefighter/Instructor
Frank Cecil - Firefighter
Danny Cecil - Firefighter
Joe Boone Jr. - Firefighter
Billy Mattingly - Firefighter
Michael Mouser - Firefighter
Ivo Greenwell - Firefighter
Matt Moore - Firefighter
David Rust - Firefighter
Joey Henley - Firefighter
Mike Mahoney - Firefighter
Dale Harris - Firefighter
Josh Rogers - Firefighter
Christopher Cecil - Recruit
Jacob Reed - Recruit 
David Wimsett - Recruit
Travis Johnson - Recruit
Dean Anderson - Recruit

If you are interested in purchasing an Address Marker for your property
for $10, contact City Hall at 549-3177.  These address markers make it much easier for Emergency Personnel to find you in your time of need.