Paul Mattingly Field

In April, 2001, one of New Haven’s major youth volunteers passed away.  His name was Paul Mattingly. Paul had served the youth of the community as a coach, an umpire, a groundskeeper, etc. for more than 30 years.  In July of 2001, the Board of Commissioners was approached by a former resident of New Haven, Brent Coy, requesting that some type of Memorial be considered for Mattingly.  A committee was appointed and their recommendation was to rename the Little League Field. The name was changed to the Paul Mattingly Field and an archway to the entrance of the field was erected designating it as such.  Several donations were received and a softball tournament was held to fund this project.  No City monies were expended.  While the Paul Mattingly Field is not available for rent, we do have a large picnic area that the public is encouraged to use on a first come, first served basis.​

paulmattingly.jpgPaulMattinglyField2.jpg PaulMattinglyField3.jpg