River Day

Canoe and Kayakers: Your day will begin by you transporting your vessels to the Thompson farm where you will gain entry to the river. You will unload and from there we ask that your designated driver and transport vehicle be sent to the boat ramp on HWY 52, toward Lyons Station. From There your designated driver will be shuttled back to the launch site via  vans donated by Enterprise rental. We will allow an allotted amount of vessels on to the river, to avoid congestion and a safe successful trip down the mighty Rolling Fork!
Once entry by all is gained at the Thompson farm, the site will be shut down and all volunteers will proceed to various other parts of the events, No access will be allowed to Thompson Farm after that time.
With the possibility of a larger turn out please expect a staggered entry. We are hoping to launch a group per hour beginning at approximately 9 AM, shuttling will begin at 8:30AM. Please understand there may be a delay as you arrive. We express that patience is maintained throughout the event.
As you arrive you will pay entry fee at gate for all float passengers, Entry fee will be :
$10 for adults,
$5 folks 16 and under
Kids 3-0 are free.
You will be banded and not allowed on the river without a band.
This includes entry to the concert event at Ballpark, and you must show band for entry.
After your excursion, and docking at the Lyons Station Ramp, using your vehicle that was left earlier make you way to the New Haven ballpark for the rest of the activities.
Please remember that this is our first event of this nature, things will be somewhat fluid at this time. Again utmost patience is asked of all participants. Let’s make this awesome so we can do it again for many years to come.
NOTE: If you want to attend the music only there will be wrist bands for sale at the Ballpark entrance. These will cost the same as those sold at the launch site.
Please visit our Facebook Page: New Haven River Day for updated posts and information.