City Park


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‚ÄčOur city park consists of a 2 acre fishing lake, 2 baseball/kickball fields, a football field, 2 playgrounds, a tennis court, 2 basketball courts, a volleyball pit and a pool. 


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2016 Tball Registration.doc2016 Tball Registration.doc 

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2016  Pitching Machine Ball Registration Form.doc2016 Pitching Machine Ball Registration Form.doc






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In the city park you will find a 2,640 square foot building, which is referred to as  "Barry Hall".  This building is used by many.  The local boy/girl scout troops host their monthly meetings, the bereavement committee uses it for bereavement dinners and many citizens rent the building for various occasions.  If you are interested in renting Barry Hall, please contact the office at 502.549.3177 to check to see if it is available.  The charge for the rental is $300, which includes a $150 refundable deposit.

Barry Hall Rental Agreemnet .pdf


The "Tessie R. Cecil' Pavilion is also located in the park.  The pavilion is 3,240 square feet.  If you are interested in renting the pavilion, please call the office at 502.549.3177.  The rental fee for the pavilion is $150, which includes a $75 refundable deposit.

Tessie R. Cecil Pavilion Rental Agreement .pdf