Board of Commission Meeting Minutes

​​The Commission meets the 3rd Thursday of every Month at 6:00 PM. The public is encouraged to attend.  The minutes of a meeting can not be published on our website until they are approved the following month.   You can click on any of the links below to read the minutes of each meeting.

2016 Budget Ordinance.pdf {27KB}

2013 Audit.pdf {224KB}

2014 Audit.pdf {221KB}

2015 Audit.pdf {348KB}

2016 Audit.pdf {1.12MB}


 2016 Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {207KB}

February 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {213KB}

 March 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {215KB}

 April 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {213KB}

 May 12, 2016 Special Meeting Minutes.pdf {192KB}

June 16, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {204KB}

July 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {201KB}

August 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {200KB}

September 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {205KB}

October 20, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {204KB}

November 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf {208KB}

January 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf {201KB}


 ​2015 Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2015 Special Meeting.pdf {191KB}

January 2015.pdf {200KB}

February 2015.pdf {195KB}

March Special Meeting 2015.pdf {205KB}

March 2015.pdf {205KB}

April 2015.pdf {200KB}

May 7, 2015 Special Meeting.pdf {195KB}

May 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes.pdf {199KB}

May 29, 2015 Special Meeting. Minutesdocx.pdf {187KB}

June 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes.pdf {204KB}

July 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes.pdf {199KB}

August 20, 2015 Meeting Minutes.pdf {203KB}

September 4,  2015 Special Meeting.pdf {202KB}

September 17, 2015 Meeting Minutes.pdf {202KB}

October 15, 2015 Meeting Minutes.pdf {207KB}

November 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes.pdf {203KB}

December 17, 2015 Meeting Minutes.pdf {203KB}

2014 Meeting Minutes

January 2014.pdf {198KB}

February 2014.pdf {198KB}

March 2014.pdf {194KB}

April 2014.pdf {198KB}

May 2014.pdf {199KB}

June 2014.pdf {194KB}

July 2014.pdf {196KB}

August 2014.pdf {197KB}

September 2014.pdf {204KB}

October 2014.pdf {433KB}

November 2014.pdf {430KB}

December 2014.pdf {194KB}


 2013 Meeting Minutes 

January 2013.pdf {142KB}

February 2013.pdf {144KB}

 March 2013.pdf {191KB}

April 2013.pdf {142KB}

May 2013.pdf {190KB}

June 2013.pdf {196KB}

August 2013.pdf {193KB}

September 2013.pdf {198KB}

October 2013.pdf {193KB}

November 2013.pdf {192KB}

December 2013.pdf {189KB}




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